Tree Surveys & Tree reports

Tree surveys in East Anglia are becoming an important aspect of the work carried out at MB Trees. General awareness on the importance and need for understanding the health and condition of trees has increased. It is now becoming widely accepted that good tree management is necessary to ensure a ‘Duty of Care’ to others. This applies to any person or organisation that owns trees growing on the land that they are responsible for. Whether this may be large landowners or the individual public sector. This can be achieved with professional tree surveys. It is important to understand which tree survey or tree report is best to suit the needs of the aim proposed by the client.

Tree Hazard Evaluation

It must be considered that no tree is safe as it is an individual organism. Therefore it is constantly changing, dependant on the surrounding environment. Especially in extreme circumstances such as high winds/or elements.
Our dedicated team of trained Professional Tree Inspectors (PTI) combine experience with knowledge. We will provide you with the best tree evaluation to identify potential hazards, diseases or defects that may be present.

Tree Reports

Generally a tree report will be for individual trees or small groups. It aims, to provide more detail dependant on the specification. For example, in a prominent mature tree next to a neighbouring property. A tree report will assess the health and overall condition of the tree. In addition, it will highlight any tree work recommendations to prolong its existence in its natural environment.

Tree Surveys

Unlike a tree report, tree surveys will often encompass a larger group or area of trees. It will typically include a broader range of specifications with less detail. It is often undertaken on a ‘negative report writing strategy’. This involves documenting only trees with potential hazards, disease or defects.

BS5837 Surveys

With the introduction of the BS 5837 Trees in relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Any building application that has trees nearby will require this type of tree survey to accompany the application.

Aerial Tree Reports

Combining the arboricultural climbing skills of our staff with knowledge of trees allows access into the tree's canopy. This allows further inspection of areas that can not be seen from ground level. An aerial perspective provides a better understanding of what may be present to report.

Bat Scoping Surveys

Bats are an important European protected species which therefore need protection and awareness. Heavy fines and even imprisonment is possible if they are unlawfully disturbed or harmed. Trees are a valuable and often used source of habitat for bats. We strongly believe in knowing how to identify potential bat roost features before undertaking any tree work.


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