Stump Removal

Stump removal is often the most challenging aspect of any tree removal. Often the most cost effective and quickest option is to use a stump grinder and let a machine do the hard work.

There are different options for stump removal. From shallow grinding to alleviate a trip hazard or allow turf replacement in a lawn, to complete root ball removal. The latter often being required to allow access for building works. Whichever option is chosen will depend on the best method for removing the stump;

Digging with Hand Tools

This is only suitable for smaller stumps and whilst may have the most minimal impact to the surrounding ground can be time consuming and laborious.

Stump Grinder

At M.B.Trees we have a variety of machines to cater for every aspect of stump removal. Our smaller machine is only 28"/70cm making it narrow enough to get through most standard size gates. The largest machine makes light work of even the biggest stumps.

Safe Stump Removal

Stump grinders can be a dangerous tool if not used correctly. All staff at MB Trees are fully trained in their use.
During operation, the work zone is guarded and sealed off to protect the surrounding area from any flying debris caused by grinding.

What happens after grinding?

The most cost-effective method is to backfill the hole with the grindings and leave to naturally breakdown back into the surrounding ecosystem.

Alternatively, the grindings can be dug out and replaced with fresh topsoil. Whichever options suit the requirements of your project, our team are available to offer the best advice to suit the needs of any stump removal.

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